Need help on student attendance and assessment customizations

We calculate the internals based on certain criteria (like best of two out of three tests and/or average of three or some other criteria), and the final result is calculated based on the internals and the end semester exam: 40 % INTERNAL and 60% END SEM EXAM. So, can also the report card be customised to accommodate these calculations for the end result.

Also on the attendance part, following aspects are required for us:
- marked attendance to be shown in different color in the course schedule calendar
- instructor should be able to change a scheduled course to Holiday, in an event of unexpected holiday/s
- what is the provision if an instructor makes an alternate arrangement.
- student monthly attendance report shows only a single attendance per date (P/A), and calculates the total, whereas on a date there may be more that one course schedule for a course/student group. So, rather than ‘P/A’, showing the count in the cell would be more appropriate, e.g. say on a date there are two course schedules for a course, something like 1/2 (meaning 1 present out of two)
- can student attendance report be customised to be generated for a specific date range apart from monthly
- can the average/percentage of student attendance be displayed while marking the attendance, which can also gets reflected in the student dashboard

Hello Vinob,
Have you had any progress with this? We are also working on this and it would be nice to collaborate.