Need Help Opening Password-Protected Salary slip PDF in erp

regarding a password-protected PDF file that I’m unable to access. The password format specified in the email is SAL-{first_name}-{date_of_birth.year},
say my first name being “ABCD” and the date of birth as “21-01-1998”.

I’ve diligently attempted several combinations to unlock the PDF but haven’t been successful so far. Here are the password combinations I’ve tried:

  1. SAL-ABCD-1998
  2. SAL-ABCD-98
  3. SAL-ABCD-21.1998
  4. SAL-ABCD-21.98
  5. SAL-ABCD-21.01.1998
  6. SAL-ABCD-21-01-98

Despite my efforts, I haven’t had any luck accessing the file. Could you please advise if there’s anything I might be overlooking or if there’s an alternative approach I could explore?