Need help printing a value from another doc

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I am trying to print a value from another doc with the below code with no success , could anyone help me with this ?

<div class="col-xs-1"; style="width: 85%;text-align:left;padding-left: 0;padding-right: 0; height: 20px"><big><b>{{frappe.db.get_value("[Heat Treatment]", "[doc.heat_treatment]", "ht")}}</b></big></div>

Doc Heat treatment
Field name ht


it should be in the format frappe.db.get_value("Doctype_Name", "Docname", "fieldname")

e.g. frappe.db.get_value("Heat Treatment", doc.heat_treatment, "ht")

Thanks, Makarand

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Thanks for the info @makarand_b