Need help restoring database backup

Hi Guys ,

I created a backup running the below command ,

cd frappe-bench
bench --site site2.local backup --with-files

now I am left with three files , as shown in the below snap

now which is the command I have to use to restore the backup , I read the documentation but I am not clear with the restoring part , could anyone kindly let me know on this ?

Thanks in advance

Refer this one:-

Thanks for the reply @shraddha , I already read that thread and infact I got the above commands from that thread , but it lacks a proper documentation about restoring the files .

Any help ?

use bench --site site_name restore sql_file


Many thanks for the reply @neilLasrado . Will the above command restore all the files and database ?

Thanks in advance

@ragav No it restores the database (the sql file is the database) you can copy paste the files into the public and private directories.

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Thanks a lot for the help @neilLasrado . I understood

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