Need Help running Webmin alongside ERPNext on a VPS server

I recently started experimenting with running the Webmin control panel alongside an ERPNext installation. It looks like I can get everything to work except the Lets Encrypt certificate.

If anyone else has experience with this please add post your hints.

Up to this point I have done the following:

It seems that I need a way to allow to exist in nginx without having it attached to a ERPNext internal site. Otherwise Webmin is not accessible.

Anyway… If anyone has experience with this I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.


Please provide the Let’s encrypt error log which is normally very helpful to help debug the problem. Possibly its firewalling which is stopping the domain name being resolved correctly which I have experienced in the past.

This is the error generated: (actual server name altered to protect owner) challenge did not pass: Invalid response from "<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<title>Sorry! We will be back soon.</title>

It appears as if it does not recognize the config.[mynewserver].net as a valid URL.
But that is just my guess.

I have never tried this before an I thought it would make a great tutorial if I could get it to work. I am sure others would like to have a control panel with all of it’s nice features to run on same server as ERPNext.

One thing to note… to log into a Webmin control panel you must have a valid website URL and then add a port to the address like this:


I think the problem is realted to me not being able to tell nginx that is a valid web address. It looks like the Lets Encrypt setup was looking to see in there was a valid web page at and instead if found the default error page from erpnext.

Any pointers would be extremely helpful.

So far the good part is that Webmin seems to run nicely with ERPNext and it opens up the possibility of having an email server on the same box with the ERPNext instance along with all the other stuff a control panel can do. Just need to get a security certificate to work.


Let’s Encrypt mentions your domain as http in the error message but it will need to be https to be able to use SSL Certs. Perhaps your web server is operating on port 80 instead of port 465 for

It may be better as you mention to run Webmin on a high port number such as 10000, and ERPNext on a lower port number if configured correctly.

Don’t forget to check your Nginx logs too, these are always very useful I’ve found to identify issues.

Yeah it sure does, but I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. The Lets Encrypt process adds the certificate so that https can work. So, when it goes out to check the validity of a site, the site would not yet be https valid. That is why I thought the http was correct in this case.

Am I wrong here? I am not familiar enough with how Lets Encrypt works to be sure. Although I do not see anywhere that I could have told it to use https for the validity check.

Hoping someone with Lets Encrypt experience might happen along here.

I will start digging through the nginx error logs, but I am not sure what it will tell me.