Need help - stock entry

Hi guys ,

Could anyone just help me out with this ?

This is what I was exactly looking for ,

How to remove these validations ? I am not able to transfer materials referring to a particular production order .


Did you try

Post if you need help

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Thanks for the help @rmehta . I will try and update if I encounter a problem .


Dear @rmehta , thanks a lot for the help , I was able to find a workaround , I created a custom field and pulled the values in the child table fields manually from my custom script , but however the data in my custom field disappears if I save the document . Any help ? Please


@rmehta . Any help ? Thanks


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Sorry for that , I am new to the forum .

Please could anyone guide me ?

With the help of the below script I am able to auto populate the item_code field in the stock entry module ,

prod_order is my custom field , my problem is the data entered in this field disappears while saving the document .


Facing the same issue . Any help guys ?


Hi Team ,

Any help ? I am not able to fix this . Please help