Need Help to add custom icon

Here i have attached screenshot in that i have created 2 workspace(Programming_Workspace & Stationary Shop) in which the icons for those 2 workspace are same . I need to give different icons for those 2 workspaces.

Please Help…!!!

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I don’t think this will be possible without some custom coding. The icon change is specific to Navbar and not to workspaces or companies.

Go to Workspace List, select the new workspace you have created. There is an option to set the icon (third option on the left after Module and Category). The options for icons are however limited to the ones in this file: …/apps/frappe/frappe/public/icons/timeless/symbol-defs.svg The list of icons available in that file is here: GitHub - ryuliantoro/workspace-icons: icons for workspace sidebar menu

Yes @simple, i got it.

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hi @j.aiw

Thanks for the github link…!!!

Can you help me, if I need to add custom icon from myself not the default icon present in erpnext.

Tell me the process…!!!


You would need to add your custom icon to the file: …/apps/frappe/frappe/public/icons/timeless/symbol-defs.svg