Need help understanding how Price list within Item, Customer and POS Profile

Hi Guys

I have added a new item with 2 different item prices (“Standard”, “Trade”) then created a new Customer to have a default price list of “Trade”. When I go to POS and choose that customer, the pricing for that item shows as the “Standard” price instead of “Trade”. Somehow I cannot seem to make it show the “Trade” price unless I edit the POS profile price list to Trade but in doing so, now other customers also shows “Trade” price instead of “Standard”. What am I missing?

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For now it is not possible to have customer wise POS price list. For this case you need to use sales invoice instead of POS.
Please create a github feature suggestion for this.

hi @syberboy, Could you generate the github feature?


I do have the same issue Customer price list on POS
Any risk of having this working or just luck of time for someone to fix?

Hi. Does anyone have an update. I was thinking the pricing would work based on default price list on customer page. But POS takes in retail price. Made the Standard Selling Rate Zero, changed POS from online to offline and back. Still it is retail price that is being captured.

Please let me know if anyone has found solution to this. Using
ERPNext: v10.1.58 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.50 (master)