Need help Why stock is not updating while issuing Sales Invoice

Please while issuing sales invoice not updating the stock in hand as well not showing in Profit & Loss Sheet…Please help using ERPnext 13 v

checked Update stock above the items child table? submitted the invoice? stock ledger and general ledger documents generated?

Please help … as it is not affecting in Trial Balance , GL and Stock Ledger

Please you can see it is showing the value of sold material in Gross Profit statement … Please help to solve this issue

Please anyone can help…

Hi Tariq. As I can see in the capture it look as the sale invoice has not checked “Update Stock” so the items are steel in the inventary and that it is why you can´t see the accounts of “Stock in Hand” and “Cost of Selled Goods” afectted. Is it cheked?
On other capture you are showing the Gross Profit Report that show your profit for each transaction based in compare average sells price against average purchase price without care of stock moves.