Need Help with Custom Fields


I am new to ErpNext / Frappe and am not a programmer. Hoping to solve this without coding.

I added a doctype called “Itemtype” and added that as a custom field in “Item (Stock)” Linked to “Itemtype”. I was hoping to show the same field “Itemtype” in Form “Sales Order Item” automatically filled up once I select the Item. Right now it just shows blank. How can I connect all of them. My thought was that the custom field “Itemtype” will be connected to the Item and I should be able to pull that anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,


Hope you can do, Following step

Step 1.
Go > Customize Form
1.1 Select ‘Sales Order Item’ Doctype
1.2 click Row#3 (Column Brack)

Step 2.
Click ‘Insert Above’

Step 3.
Set Type as ‘Read only’
and set Options as ‘item_code.item_type’

Great…That works!

I tried it out but have an additional question. I had created 10 Sales Orders for “Item A” and then added the “Item Type” field in the Sales Order item (which is a read only field). Your solution will work for all the Sales orders I create from now on . Is there a way to update the past sales orders as well?

Thank You,