Need help with supplier quotation items, bit each item with different Currency

Hello community, came across a weird use case, and really would like to see this get done :slight_smile:

I’d like to bring “different currency” to the items listed in “Supplier Quotation Items” as well as “Quotation Items”.

For example, item-code #1 will only be rated in USD, while item-code #2 will be rated only in EUR, but in a same quotation. And the total will be calculated in the company currency in the parent DocType.

I already started editing the DocTypes for experimenting, so no worries if you provide a hack :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, I really hope it’s do-able :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution ? If you did please share it. I’m looking for the same.

Nupe… Will try again sometime very soon and let you know.

Have you created price lists denominated in the different currencies and added items to them?

Well, thanks for the reply but your suggestion doesn’t/wouldn’t work since we have to give the currency in Quotation itself, but not to the Items in the quotation.

I’m trying to achieve so that Grand Total is always shown in company currency (in the quotation), but the items that are inside the quotation are shown in different currencies individually :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could get to something like this when expanding item in Supplier quotation?

Thank you again Smino. I really appreciate it.

Yes, but that is for one item from the list right?

Let’s say there’s an another item (hard drive perhaps) in the quote but that item should be quoted in AUD…?

So like, 3 items in a Quotation:

  1. CPU = 1 Nos at 100 USD
  2. Memory modules = 2 Nos at 100 CNY
  3. Hard drive = 1 Nos at 100 JPY

Grand total of the quotation = XXX.XX amount in EUR (company currency) :slight_smile:

I have to set a few items with multiple price list entries and give it a try. The idea is to get the items in the price lists and then be able to access the price in the desired currency for each item. Customizing the form will follow. This link might also be useful:

Right, I’m deep into customizing the forms, ahem, I mean the DocTypes, so as long as I get the results I wouldn’t mind any hacks or just about anything at this moment :sweat_smile:

When you say you have to set a few items with multiple currencies etc, you mean you’re going to try it on your ERPNext installation and see for yourself? Oh boy, I would really really appreciate it!

Thanks again Smino.

Hi @iMoshi @smino I also have the same concern. Do you think if it is possible to make the currency, exchange rate, and pricelist visible on the item rows?

I haven’t tested it and I am not sure how to execute it.

This is the solution I can think of to select the correct price based on the item pricelist and then encode the exchange rate per item so that it will be converted to the currency of the transaction.

We have created a custom app for our use and we have it implemented. You should first create a new custom DocType, and a child DocType for it. Then give it (the child doctype) the currency field, exchange rate etc fields. Somehow they’d have to make some calculations on the parent doctype and that’s where you need lots of custom JS.

Hi @iMoshi those this mean that adding custom scripts and custom fields cannot solve the currency for each item?

Is it possible to solve this without touching or editing the internal codes of ERPNext?

I hope you can help me please.

Thank you.

We’ve tried lots of different ways, but ended up with our custom app. So, basically only possible way is to create a custom app.

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I need this solution , please check and reply me .