Need Idea to customize doctype

Hye guys.

I want to create a doctype “Daily Employee Report” that filled up by HR user or Manager. After submitting the report, it will save to Employee Doctype.

Anyone knows how to do it?

i think you can add a child table in employee master fitches directly from the daily employee report already filled.


After creating the Daily Employee Report doctype, you can create a custom Link field in Employee doctype. Then you can use the on_submit event of your doctype

Thanks for reply @SOLOSOFT

If i use the child table, the daily employee report will not be able to see on single Doctype right?
I mean, i can’t fill the report in a single Doctype like Attendance Doctype.

Hey thanks for helping @netchampfaris

So that means, I have to create on_submit event from the Daily Employee Report Doctype and then use the custom link in the Employee Doctype.

Is that what you mean?

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