Need ideas for multi-channel retail setup?

Hi All

First congrats for the great work you have been doing with this opensource ERP.

We are trying to implement ERPNEXT in our environment consisting of multi channel sales through marketplaces and our own website and a retail store as well.

What is the best way to implement that has the following features?

  1. Need to record and track each sale and return through each sales channel separately.
  2. We would want to be able to see the summary of the sales statistics and accounts by each channel.
  3. Because of this we cannot just create a single overview customer for each channel like amazon, ebay, etc, as we will loose the ability to track each sale and customers in these channel.
  4. We also do not want to create numerous accounts for each individual customer as it will clog the chart of accounts.
  5. Same catalog will be shared by these channels.

Please let us know what is the best approach for the above scenario.


@neutrino Welcome to the forum.

Did you try creating Customer Groups?

Hmm… I’m not sure, I’m thinking of creating separate cost centers for each channel along with assigning them as sales partners.

To manage multi channel, Customer Group is best option