Need nginx help

I have nginx running on centos, erpnext is up and running with its own conf.d file as is phpmyadmin and wordpress. However I need to add a mono app when it is running it conflicts with phpmyandmin and wordpress, stop the mono app and restart nginix and we are all good. How do I add a conf.d file so that nginix is aware of the mono app and can run at the same time. I have tried a few files but they didn’t work idealy I would prefer not to have to do a proxy but use a server block in the conf.d file. I have a root wordprerss site at and a phpmyadmin at would like to move that to and erpnext at the new site would be any help would be great I know how to do this in IIS but nginx isnew to me.

Better to ask this on nginx forums?

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