Need of Screencast for Custom App Development

Dear Frappians,

is there any chance to provide a screencast that explaining how we can apply changes in the core app using fixtures
for example, I want to add a button for Late Arrival other than Present,Absent,Half Day in Attendance ,etc.

Also if possible show how to fork Frappe/ERPNext and Made changes locally and update the app,when new update is released.

Watch these

For setting up frappe locally use --develop flag while setting up bench.

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@netchampfaris the video explain very well how to build an app from scratch.

Would be nice to have one or more screencast to show how to build an app to extend erpnext functionality (let’s say search for barcode, in a custom child item table , in sales order, sales invoice, pos functions …) or integrate with other software (like shopify app)

@JoEz thats what I m asking