Need serious help for Extremely Confusing UOM:- UOM Conversion Not Working At All

Hi, I have an item (raw ingredient) “Tea-4464” that we store in Drums. Each drum is 160kg. We purchase a 160kg-drum of Tea-4464 at RM19,200.

However, we only use 13.8kg of Tea-4464 in BOM to produce a chemical mixture. Hence, we set the Default UOM for Tea-4464 in Kgs instead of Drums. Another reason for using Kg is that we want to accurately measure the stock level of Tea-4464 that we have i.e. 5 Drums and 50kg left.

But we face issue in the stock valuation because the system didn’t convert RM19,200/drum into RMxxx/kg. Instead, it took the RM19,200 and multiplies directly with the amount of Kgs, resulting in over RM1 million in value… Making it unusable at all.

Below are some screenshots:

  1. Item screenshot:

  2. Item price screenshot:

  3. Stock Entry screenshot:


It is really frustrating as this is one of the many problems I faced in ERPNext. I have tried to learn as much as I can but still there’s way too many problems piling up.

I have gone through Purchasing in Different UoM and Selling in Different UoM which didn’t work