Need some advice on how to do production planning for a bunch of products in back date


Need advice on the best approach to deal with this situation. I am using ERPNext for a manufacturing company. We have been using Excel to create sales invoice and it’s time to enter all those sales invoices into the ERPNext system. I started with creating a sales order in the back date to mimic the actual production and have finished entering around 30 sales orders and created production plans, work orders etc for each sales order.

I have been entering production plans, sales orders, etc for a few months now and thought I would be able to catch up with the current date data and then the company will start using the ERP system fully to run the manufacturing process and no longer has to rely on excel sheets for orders, invoices and stuff like that.

Unfortunately there are so many that I couldn’t catch up.

What I have been doing:
Creating Purchase Orders, Purchase receipt and Purchase Invoices using the actual date (back date) they had been created or received.
Then I would create a sales order by referring to the existing excel sales invoice (back date).
I would then create production plan, followed by work order, stock entry to complete the manufacturing for that (back date) and then create delivery not and sales invoice to complete the production.

By doing this I am able to create similar records on ERPNext as we have in excel for now but I still have many to complete before I reach to the last sales order which is in current date.

Is there another way or a better and quicker way to deal with this situation which can help expedite the process? I was thinking of creating a production plan with all the items together but then I would loose the opportunity to invoice them in separate dates baased on the actual date they had been invoiced. If I create the bulk production order in the back date then I can’t justify with the orders that are processed in the current date.

At the end of the day I want to follow an approach which will mimic the real production activities based on the date they are produced and have correct accounting and stock entries in the system for us to refer when we need.

If anybody has any suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time in advance.

I think it is a big stretch for an organization to begin using an ERP. If you add data migration and data migration to the level that you are trying to accomplish, it becomes an almost impossible task. Here are my suggested options:

Option 1: Pick a date when you go live. Have the Trial Balances, Stock Balance, Pending Sales Orders and Pending Purchase Orders all synched up and ready for that date. Update this information many days before the date, ensure that the information is correct. And on the date, start making transactions to what ver level of detail you want. Production Plan, Material Transfer for Manufacture, Manufacturing Entries etc. etc.

Option 2: If you absolutely need to have every accounting transaction done on ERPNext (and if you have Perpetual Inventory enabled, which I guess you do), just do the Purchase Receipts, Invoices, Manufacturing Entries, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice and the appropriate payment entries.

There are a whole bunch of supporting documents like Supplier Quotations, Purchase Orders, Sales Order, Production Plans, Material Transfer for Manufacture. None of these documents have any standing for stock balances or account balances.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll see if I can workout with option 2 as I want the stock and accounting entries be updated in real time. I’ll try this method which already part of what I have been doing and see how that goes. Thanks again for your help. Appreciate it.