Need statutory compliance Report to upload portal

UAN | Employee Name | Gross Wages | EPF Wages | EPS Wages | EDLI Wages | EPF Contribution due | EPF Contribution being remitted | EPS Contribution due | EPS Contribution being remitted Diff EPF | and EPS Contribution due Diff | EPF | EPS Contribution being remitted NCP Days Refund of Advances Arrear EPF Wages Arrear EPS Wages Arrear EDLI Wages Arrear EPF EE Share Arrear EPF ER Share Arrear EPS

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The issue is not clear. Please use formatting and explain what exactly is the issue or request and what is the end result ?

@root13F Pls Check Format i need report like this to uplaod PF portal India

There is probably a report named ESIC. Search for it in reports and check if the format matches to the one you want. I am on older version hence I may not have those reports.

ERPNext: v11.x.x-develop (5899d98) (develop) didnt find ESIC reports

@root13F @rmehta

if i create a component for EPS ( Contibution of Employee ) uncheck payable
Formula ( 10000*.12 ) add in salary but pay to PF department

in salary register i want to show earn component (Do not include in total)

i need a report for ESIC report and conrtibution exportESIC report and conrtibution export

ESI No | Name | Total Days | Total Monthly Wages | Reason Code | Last Working Days

UN No | Name | Gross Wages | EPF Wages | EPS Wages | EDLI Wages | EPF Contribution | EPS Contribution | Diffrence EPF & EPS | NCP Days | Refund of Advances