Need suggestion for item price changing

we have products which prices changed regularly

we need the price changed when adding it in purchase reciepient

any suggestion how to do that ??

Can you provide a more detailed explanation?
By “purchase recipient” do you mean your company as a purchaser, the vendor selling you the goods or did you actually mean your customer.

Use pricing rules to apply specific buying/selling prices for specific vendors/customers or groups.

Otherwise, if your question is regarding an item with a regularly changing price and you want to make sure there are no losses while making sales;

  1. Toggle 'Has Batch No." for your item
  2. When purchasing you will be required to assign a batch number
  3. After a purchase invoice has been submitted, the valuation/price list rate of that whole batch will be assigned based on the amount.
  4. From your Selling Settings, Enable “Validate Selling Price for Item Against Purchase Rate or Valuation Rate”
  5. When creating a sale, you will be required to choose the exact batch of that item. In case your selling rate was less than the purchase rate of that batch, the validation will fail. This will forbid your staff from proceeding with the sale.

we are a retailer buying items from vendors and selling to people

i just need the price list rate of item can be changed
directly in purchase recipient

I suppose you mean purchase receipt?
So you place a purchase order from a vendor then the price changes as the goods are delivered to you?

If that’s the case, amend the purchase order with the adjusted rate and then proceed in creating a purchase receipt and invoice for that order.

no brother the item price changed from the vendor
today selling price. not like. after a year
the prices changed worldwide not during purchase cycle.

I think it need a custom script because unfortunately it isn’t in ERPNext setting