Need to advice for using ERPnext as E-commerce Backend

Hi all,
Now I build E-commerce (mobile app) and use ERPnext as Back-end and monitoring,
I have my own customization and I build it in a custom app,

but the Big Point can ERPnext handle the big scale of my e-commerce because in the future it will be more than 25k Sales Order per week, before GO Live I want to know if the ERPnext will handle those numbers of orders,

and if it’s handled what is the best practice for building infrastructure like this?

Mobile Technology:

  • Flutter
  • Vue
  • Firebase

Backend Technology:

  • Frappe
  • ERPnext
  • MySQL

is Ther any Advice


is there any advice?

Check this if it helps, Installing RediSearch to enable super fast E-commerce Search.


You could just run a stress test and create masses of data in your system - then you’ll better understand scalability.

The data volumes mentioned are not a problem, but it also depends on your infrastructure - which type of deployment you choose, how you configure your system, and how you use it.

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Thank u, I will check

Sure, and this is what I want, what is the best type of deployment for these cases

As far as I know, no best practice guide recommends an exact infrastructure configuration.
A universal answer is also not possible since many things depend on your underlying requirements (number of parallel users, amount of transactional/ master data, transferred and processed data, geolocation of the accesses, peak vs. regularly distributed load, SLAs concerning acceptable up/downtimes, SLAs concerning response behavior, …).

Therefore, it is advisable to think carefully about your general requirements and set up a test scenario to check the infrastructure for suitability.

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