Need to change education to support credit hours

I want to setup erpnext in a small educational institution, but this institution has a system of education that use credit hours system . Each course has a number of credit hours, and each student has a specific study plan, for example:
When a student enrolls in a specific program, he must study a certain number of hours, for example (70 hours)
-For each semester, the student can register a maximum of 12 hours or 18 hours.
The minimum is 9 hours.
Each course has a certain number of hours, for example (Introduction to programming has 3 hours)

  • These hours represent the student’s study schedule, for example (Introduction to programming taught by the student 3 hours per week in the following days: Sunday 1 hour, Tuesday 1 hour, Thursday 1 hour)
  • The course may have a prerequisite, for example (a student cannot study advance programming before studying the course: Introduction to Programming)
  • The student can enroll himself in the courses .
  • Each course has a group of sections, each section has a specific teacher and a specific time in specific days .
    In general, this idea is how I can make it and modify the education module to match these details.
    and if there any freelancer can do this please send email to me .

any idea !!!

Would recommend you to check out these docs for a kickstart! :wink: