Need to change Email Subject

Hi, is it possible to change email subject?
Ex. Mycompany-invoice instead of sales invoice

Hi Pawan,

You can have email templates. customize forms for according to your needs.
check out this page

It’s not worked. I need to change email subject when i am sending sales invoice to customer.

Dear Pawan,

The Email Template lets you set both the Email content and the Email Subject. Moreover, When you click the new Email button in the invoice screen, there is an option to edit the subject line.

Maybe you can send us the screenshot of the issue that you’re facing so that we can help you.


Hi Rushikesh,
Thanks for reply
I am attaching the screenshot.
We’d like to have our own custom and default subjects.

Dear Pawan,

The Only way I see is to setup a Standard Reply template.

In the standard replies you can setup the template to have the Value like “My company” and choose that template on the email screen at transaction.

Notification control will help you in setting default message for a few transactions like Sales invoice. But the Subject line cannot be changed via Notification control

But the subject line is not changed.

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I am having the same issue. It was working as pawan wants until recently. I’m not sure which version changed it.

same issue, Email Subject doent get changed to the subject in the Template


I have the same issue, the subject is not changed by the template in the emailing popup (sales invoice) even though it is configured in the email templates, is there a fix planned for this issue @rushikesherp ?

Thank you