Need to change Sales invoice number


we are using ERPnext app from past 15 days. I have created invoice now. Invoice number is showing that Invoice Number 1 when i was creating the invoice. but after saved it it showing number 3.

Please let me know how to change it.

Thanking you,

docs will be named as per naming series in incremental order, if last doc was 2, then next one will be 3,

and while creating new, the number shown on top actuallty doesnt matter at all,

I believe the Bulk Rename tool can help you here but I’ve not tried it yet so be careful with it and back your DocType data up before trying it.


Have you deleted the first two invoices? You can reset the number in Naming Series. Go to Naming Series, select the transaction.

Select the prefix, update the series number to 1 and then click on the update series number button.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much. i corrected invoice number based on your reply. (Naming series)

Hi Michelle,

We need to change the prefix number in the sales invoice, can we make it our own series,
We want invoice numbers like 01, 02, 03 , , , , etc

and we also need to change the heading as Tax invoice instead of the Sales invoice in the sales invoices.

Please help us.

Yes you can do this. Check: Naming Series

This you can do by changing the Print Heading. Check this link: Print Headings

Hope this helps.