Need to create one item with two names OR two itens that share the same stock

Hello there! Using ERPNext for a client and mostly the system works fine. Thanks for your support in advance.

My client has a very specific need. He sells post cirurgic wear for veterinaries. It happens that some of his items can either sold for cats or dogs, and it is easier for the customer to understand cat or dog than see that the smaller dog wear can also be used to the cat. the items are sold with the exacly same price.

Is there a way to use the same “maintain stock” for two different items? Another solution would be to create two different names for the same item (like cat-1-red and dog-1-red being variants of the same dog-1)

I am familiar with the item variant and also with item alternative features available on ERPNext, but I am not sure that they can solve this scenario.

Thanks for the attention.

How are you selling it vis ERPNext’s own self made website or another e-commerce platform?

Hello, sorry for the late response.

It is from another plataform. Client prefers to use another form for clients requests.

Is there a way to solve this?