Need to Display Customer PO in Sales Invoice (per Item)

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Trying to solve following 2 situations …

  1. In our organization, there is a situation where we generate single invoice for multiple Sales Orders (Sales Orders → Delivery Note → Sales Invoice flow), we require Customer PO Number so that both we and customer can track different invoices and deliveries.
    2.We require Item wise Stock report, currently what we have is Warehouse wise Stock analysis, but as stated we require the grouping to be Item, Warehouse wise.

I have tried various blogs but could not find a conclusive solution, please let me know the feasibility for the above requirements.

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Just to add to the first topic, we do require Customer PO to be part of each Item (Sales Invoice Item Table)


If you updating Customer PO No. in the Sales Order Item table, then it should be fetched correctly in the relevant field of Sales Invoice Item table.

You may also need to right a custom script to have Customer PO No. updated from main Sales Order form to each line item in the Sales Order, so that I can be carried forward in Sales Invoice, and shown in the print format of Sales Invoice.

For the Item wise stock report, did you check Stock Projected Qty report? In this report, you can also apply filter based on Item.

Hi @Prashanth_Murthy ,
Just go with following link,you will come to know,

Hi @shraddha, @umair,

Thanks for your suggestions.

Found solution for the problem statement 2 (Report - Stock Analytic Report will do just fine)

Regarding problem one, i have used the script as suggested by @shraddha but i’m not able to fetch any value out of it (i believe event it triggers is on_load of the form). in my case, flow will slightly differ from the usual work flow where DN is converted into SI, but we are starting with new SI and adding DN to it and creating a SI for Customer.

if the workflow is causing any issues please do let me know a workaround.

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