Need to enter fractions of a cent USD for prices

For example, one part that we order from is $0.89404 USD so when we order 1,000 units the price comes out to $894.04. But in ERPNext we only have the option to list the unit price as $0.89 or $0.90 which makes the total $890.00 or $900.00.

I tried editing the currency settings for USD to allow this, but without luck.

Please help.

Hey Corey,
Which field are you putting the item price in? You can customize it by by changing the precision via Customize Form.

In Global Defaults, have you tried checking the Disable Rounded Total box?

In System Settings, have you tried changing Currency Precision?

Thanks for the tips. I’m trying to put the price in the purchase order items table. I don’t see a way to customize that particular field. When I go to customize the purchase order form, the Items table is only listed as a single field and I’m not seeing any precision options by diving into it.

In Global Defaults I do have the Disable Rounded Total checked and in the Currency Settings I tried putting 0.00001 in the Smallest Currency Fraction Value, but it truncated it to 0.00. Out of desperation I set Fraction Units to 10000, but that doesn’t appear to have any effect.

I can’t seem to replicate the problem

In System Settings, have you tried changing Currency Precision?

I found that screen in System Settings and that worked, thank you!