Need to fetch the Valuation Rate for an item in the

In the Sales Invoice Item child table, we need to add an additional read-only field that shows the Valuation Rate for that product as soon as an item is selected.

How do we achieve this?

In Sales Invoice Item, create the following custom field via Customize Form:

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@michelle Please help!
If valuation rate in item document equal 0 and fetched with the same value in sales invoice
and i need its correct value.
How can I calculate it or update it in item page?

You have to be sure how you define Valuation Rate. If it’s the rate you set in the item master, the solution is appropriate. But if you want to fetch the current valuation rate, you have to first decide which of the warehouses are reflecting the correct valuation rates and then fetch that from a script that fetches that value from the Stock Ledger Entry doc. The last entry will be the value to be fetched.

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@JayRam Thank you so much I will fetch valuation rate from Stock Ledger Entry.
I need it in query report work on Sales Invoice doc and When I join the two docs it cause Request time out Error, Any suggestion to fix That?