Need to have "Description" visible on Support Issues

When a support ticket is created, the “Description” field is where the user puts all of the relevant information on the support ticket, but when I go to the Issue list and select one, that field is not visible unless I hit “Print” or “Email”. Is there any way I can change that so that the “Description” field displays automatically with the “Subject” and “Status” fields?


  1. Go to Doctype list for “Issue” doctype
  2. open “Issue” Doc type
  3. go to “Description” field and open
  4. there is Permission - “Depends on” i.e “eval:doc.__islocal”
    6.just remove that(eval:doc.__islocal) and save it ,Refresh page
    7.then check “Description” field will be available on support issues

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

@Andrew this has been fixed in the latest release. Support Issue is designed to be created from Email Account.

Thank you both!!

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