Need to know if there is somebody using POS in supermarket

Please I need some references of supermarkets using ERPNext POS if any exists.

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Yes, we have implemented for a client. Complete with hardware compatibility and also the ability to read dynamic barcodes for weighted items like vegetables, fruits, etc.


Hi. Can you give background information like how many tills, location, online offline pos. And how does it behave during high volume. Number of peak transactions across all tills per minute etc. Also if you have installed on cloud or local server.

We need to understand if ERPNext is the solution for supermarket across 5 location and its ability to manage high volume traffic across all locations.

Thank you for the information.

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Regarding the high volume traffic (Offline), I’ve come across this PR which had duplicated transaction issue.

Hi there!

Firstly, I apologize for the delay in responding. We have done currently a single location with 2 cash tills.

We are using offline Pos as online is currently very slow to respond.



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thank you @shakeel_viam1. I am not sure but one way to improve POS is by creating a slave database on each POS machine. This would greatly improve the speed. This is how is it is done in few other retail software when the net connection is broken.

I haven’t explored this but the thought came up today. And frankly technically don’t know how this can be achieved on ERPNext.

You’re welcome anytime, offline pos serves the purpose, the issue though is, some invoices getting missed.

The client is pleased, but sometimes the invoices get stuck in the queue and don’t get synced.

You can call me on WhatsApp or Skype and we can discuss it further

Hello @shakeel_viam1

Can you explain what you mean by invoices getting missed?


Hope you saw my response ??

When we sync the invoices, e.g. if the series is 478




480 missing can’t be found

Can you run a quick check and see if those missing invoices are actually showing up in another day?

Go to the Sales Invoice page and filter for the specific invoice number


No, it doesn’t show up in the next day. We have done all the troubleshooting. It’s not happening everyday, but it keeps happening, whenever it does happen, it creates a doubt in your mind and create trust issues.

Hello @shakeel_viam1

Sorry to bother you, but am going somewhere with this.

I do not mean the next day, I mean any other day, could be 2,3 or 4 days before

Could you confirm that this is not happening? the invoice actually been back dated to 2 or 3 or 4 days before?


We have checked everything sir. I’m working on ERPNEXT for 6-7 years now. My client is using offline POS, we are not using sales invoice to make invoice. POS currently doesn’t let you change dates on the invoice.

We had another issue in the same project, we started getting duplicate sales invoices, i.e. different invoice numbers but same offline pos name. We ran a separate script to cancel all the duplicate invoices.

Thanks @shakeel_viam1

I just wanted to be sure.

This is a big deal, have you informed @rohit_w about this?

I have a client who does over 1,000 invoices per day and they keep having overages that is about 0.5% of daily sales.

I am not able to detect any sign of missing number series, but I am seriously considering the possibility of missing invoices.

How is your client able to live with this? It is an impossible situation and will lead to trust issues.

@Muzzy hope you are getting adequate feed back?

My client is surviving because of my client service. I’ve never faced any issue in any of my projects, except for this project. I’m in a middle of some work today, tomorrow I’ll share the link for a GitHub issue on the missing invoices which was raised almost a year back.

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Hi. Thanks for the information. I am aware of the issue of missing invoice. It happened in my test scenario. I have a hunch that the cause maybe the timing of sync and issuance of sales invoice. You see the the pos syncs date every minute even in offline mode. We tested this few months back. So maybe at the time to sync it misses the invoice which is created simultaneously. This is far fetched theory.

There is not pattern I see for this issue in @shakeel_viam1and @olamide_shodunke system.