Need to know my replacement cost

There is some way to know my replacement cost?
This is the cost it will take me nowadays to affort the product im selling.

Whats the difference?
Maybe i buy an apple 1 month ago for $5 , and i sell it for $8 in the present, but also at present if i would like to buy an apple , now it cost $10.
So in conclution my replacement cost is $10.

i want to get my replacement cost, considering my last purchase as the present cost. Is something as a present cost .

Right now order wise profitability is based on FIFO rates.

You can make a new report that is based on latest rates (and not FIFO)

How do i do it! thanks for the reply!

Hey thanks for the replay! but i dont understand it. How do i make a profability report based on latest rates?