Need to process payroll for more than 5000 employee

Anybody have solution for this, what can I do for this situation the process payroll in HR module does not make it for big number of records.

Please help !

Hello Hisham,

This is great!

Are you getting any error message or performance issue when running Payroll for all the Employees at once? More insight on this will help us in optimizing it for the larger organizations as well.

For now, please run Payroll in batches, like based on Branch or Designation or Department etc.

Looking forward to hear from you.

No I am not getting any errors, but nothing happened and no records created.
We need this feature for all kind of batch processing in the application like (Leave allocation tool, Process Payroll, Attendance Tool, import big bulk of data, … etc.)

I have made database triggers for this kind of tasks.

@hfarid I think this require additional development.

Do you have specific processes that are bottlenecks and budget to get this done?

Sure, I need this for Process Payroll, Leave Allocation, Leave Application for bulk number of employees, also for time attendance Tool.

We need a screen for major HR transactions or changes with filters like in Process Payroll screen so when user choose a filter it will apply for all employees in the filter, taking in consideration that may be the filter will contain bulk number of employees like 10000 or may be more in one go.

Or we need a function in this system so I can pass those bulk transactions as parameters and it could do the rest.

Could you give me a budget for this.

@hfarid will be great if you can make a detailed list of things that need to be updated. That will help in preparing a budget