Need to Pull Custom Address Info From Address DocType to Display

I have been trying for some time to get our address display fields to pull some custom address fields I’ve added and can’t figure it out.

On the Address DocType I added custom fields for Contact Name, Delivery Appt Needed, Lift Gate Needed, Etc

When an address displays, I want it to display each of these fields with the address so our shipping team is sure to know of special requirements at each address.

Is there a way to have the system pull all fields from the address form into the address display?

Sounds like you might need to create or edit an Address Template. :thinking:

Here’s the documentation on that:

Thank you! I think this is it. I’m close but I keep getting a syntax error. I don’t code often. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here?

{{{ address_line1 }} {% if address_line2 %}{{ address_line2 }}
{% endif -%}
{{ city }}, {% if state %}{{ state }}{% endif -%} {% if pincode %}{{ pincode }}
{% endif -%}
{% if country %}{{ country }}
{% endif -%}
{% if contact_name %}Contact: {{ contact_name }}
{% endif -%}
{% if phone %}Phone: {{ phone }}
{% endif -%}
{% if email_id %}Email: {{ email_id }}
{% endif -%}
Delivery Appointment Needed: {{ delivery_appointment_needed }}

Address Type: {{ residential_or_commercial }}

Lift Gate Needed: {{ lift_gate_truck_needed }}

Special Delivery Location: {{ special_delivery_location }}

{% if special_delivery_instructions %}Special Delivery Instructions:
{{ special_delivery_instructions }}
{% endif -%}

Actually looks like I found it. One extra { was all it took to fix! Thanks for your help again

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