Need to restore a form

WE started using ERPNext and have been doing Sales Invoices. I decided to trim the Sales Invoice entry form by going to "Customize’ and I removed rows relating to Timesheets, as it’s a feature we will not use.
Now my Sales Invoice form displays nothing but section headers. How do I restore the default form?

Hi @Mike_Z,

try Customize > Reset to defaults:

This will leave custom added fields (if you need to remove thesem open “Custom Field List” and remove accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, but that didn’t fix it. I understand that all that does is remove customizations, but not restore the default form, with associated tables, etc. I’m installing on another vm to see if I can mimic/rebuild the form

I think I just need to restore the sales_invoice.json file from a fresh install of ERPNext. File is at /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/sales_invoice$. I’ll give it a go

Of course a vm lets you save and restore ‘snapshot’ states as you evaluate changes.

Depending on your change, the ‘change set’ applies on client and/or server side. To add to the issue, client side implementation and code customization changes are stored in the database, while server-side changes are not.

Issue was probably unrelated to my forms modification. More on the symptoms I was experiencing:

When viewing a Sales Invoice, I was just getting section headers, with no fields or field data. That is, until I scrolled down through 3-4 iterations of the blank sections. Lower down the page, I’d get fields, but they were empty, despite being a valid, committed Sales Invoice. Print was not affected, and the data was technically there, just not visible. I cleared and reset browser cache, tried an unused browser, etc, same symptoms in all cases.
I did bench update --reset and that fixed the problem.
Strange, and, admittedly, I have to spend some time with the dev docs to understand overall structure of the app


Hey Mike,
i got stuck on the same issue, Can you please tell me how did you make a “bench update” to reset sales invoice to default. please?