Need tutorials for beginner-Need Help

Hello Experts,

We need to have good study materials or guide or videos on understanding and implementing following modules in ERPNEXT

  1. How to apply client script and some examples on this.
  2. How to write query reports?
  3. Production Planning - Biggest question infront of us since multi level BOM is not working properly and not getting the expected results.
  4. When to apply python coding (Very new to this)
  5. Custom reports generation using SQL and python coding
  6. If someone is proving training sessions on how to write client scripts , query reports and how to use backend data and make use of it , please let me know

your opinions are valuables to us and improving day by day


Hi @prasad_naik
Please check study Material. I hope it will help you.

Thank You!

thanks for your time and suggestion @Mohammadali