Need UoM listed in BOM listing. Must pull availabe UoM from item master

When creating a new item that uses BOM. The raw material has qry, convert factor but does not show the available UoM for the raw material. I have added a custom field but unalbe/dont understand how to link it to the raw material available UoM.

Item’s UOM is tracked in it’s Stock UoM, which can be only one UoM. Also, in the BOM, you can enter item’s Qty in it’s Stock UoM only.

Okay. But need to show it. What is the sql fields to pull the info into the feild

Hi umair, i’ve been searching this information… I believe I need your help.

When I bought an item, it’s item could be a bottle of 500 ml of some reagent. When I make some solution, I use BOM, and use, for example, 22,40 ml of its reagent.

Have I to create item using ml, even when I bought it as a unit?


Then you set the “Purchase UOM” in the item record as a unit or .5 liter and the Stock UOM as ml. Both fields are available in the Item record and they can be different.


I’ve tried a different approach… I choosed a package UOM, with a conversion factor of 0.002, but it wasn`t work…