Need your advise suitable procedures and solutions

i am testing to use ERPNext system for my company, and still learning and finding a suitable procedure to manage all Buy, Sell and Expense.
Detail all info below, and i would appreciate if everyone could give me your advise for procedure and solution.

Scenario 1:
MY Company A receive an order from Customer 1 as below:
1000Kg Mango
3000Kg Rambutan
4000Kg Durian

SELLING price to Customer 1:
S1) Mango at unit price $25 USD/Kg
S2) Rambutan at unit price $26 USD/Kg
S3) Durian at unit price $27 USD/Kg

BUYING products from 3 Suppliers:
B1) Buying Mango from Supplier 1 at unit price $10 USD/Kg
B2) Buying Rambutan from Supplier 2 at unit price at $11 USD/Kg
B3) Buying Durian at unit price $12 USD/Kg

PACKAGING for selling to Customer 1:
P1) 2 Kg per carton/box of Mango will be packed.
P2) 2 Kg per carton/box of Rambutan will be packed.
P3) 3 Kg per carton/box of Durian will be packed.

COST production on each Kg.
C1) 3 Different suppliers cost for each product (sources) = buying price.
C2) Local transportation from supplier to Company A warehouse = $1 USD/Kg
C3) Packaging labor = $2 USD/Kg
C4) Packaging material = $1.5 USD/Kg
C5) International shipping = $2.5 USD/Kg
C6) Other expenses = $1 USD/Kg

THINGS, i would like to deploy or set for Company 1:
Management and requirements:
M1) Able to manage selling and buying records, and report, according all above information.

M2) Able to track each carton/box, using barcode to recognize each box/carton, then this could be used for item tracking later. (each box has barcode sticker)

M3) Customer 1 can access to my ERPNext system to view their orders (including history), tracking items, invoices, or placing new order, submit claim… with very basic permission on ERPNext system (no access ERPNext modules)

INTEREST and commission for Sale person/group and for Company 1
i1) Regarding special cases, only 1/2 interest money (on each order) will be added to Company 1, other 1/2 will be added to a Sale person or a group of sale.

i2) If 1/2 interest money is added into group of sale persons, then it will be divided for all sale person in that group.

i3) Normally, interest money on each order will be added into Company 1 interest.

I would be happy and welcome your ideas and comments.
Thank you very much.

Scenario 1:

  1. Maintain Customer Master and Item Master (Use Stock Items for Mango etc.)
  2. Book Sales order

Selling Price to Customer

  1. You can maintain Standard Item Price or use Price Lists. Also, price is editable on Sales order, so you can charge different price for same item to different customers

  2. You can create Invoice from Sales Order

Buying Product from Supplier

  1. Issue Purchase Order to supplier and create purchase receipt when you receive the goods.
  2. Once you create receipt, your warehouse would have the stock.

Packaging for selling

  1. You can use Repack entry ( Stock Entry)

Production Cost

You can look at various reports available and you would have to use Production Order in those cases

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thanks @Pawan
From what i understand, for each product, just purchase from Supplier and then sell to Customer.

Example: Purchase 100Kg Mango from Supplier, then sell <= 100Kg to Customer.

  1. How about manage separated boxes/carton which will be sold to Customer?
    Some Notes:
    We use to pack 2Kg/boxes or carton and then deliver to Customer.
    We purchase a big package 100Kg from Supplier.

  2. How could i handle the purchase item from Supplier? i suppose there will be remained items or products before selling to Customer.

Could you please advise me
Thanks in advanced.

Thanks @felix
I have read, and indeed Stock Entry is suitable for handling my needs.
However, i am really confused on how to proceed adding new records from beginning.

Could you please show me detail how to do this?

I could give you access to my demo page so that you could give me example about sale cycle.

Thank you very much.

i have tried to make some tests, but couldn’t as expected.
Could anyone show me the detail procedures on steps to complete these?

From what i tried to do,

  1. Create items: Mango, Rambutan and Durian

  2. Create Purchase Order to buy items from Supplier

  3. Create Sale Order to sell items to Customer

Thank you.

please anyone assist me on this.
thanks a lot.