Needed to move host and do a restore knew docs needed work but didnt expect it was this bad help me help everyone

Was tired of the limitations on goggle cloud compute and the issues with ERPNext email integrations changing and being fragmented so I decided to move back to azure they are more forgiving on the email side. I spent a few days reading the docs and the forums and quickly realized this was going to be a very long day, regardless it needed to be done, I just didn’t know how long. so to keep parity I choose CentOS 7 to start with. Well the scripts never really worked as they did when I installed ERPNext 7 so as per recommendations on the forums I moved to Ubuntu 16. well I was able to get the initial install done… still very unclear about the necessary steps to restore but followed this:

So I now have a site I can reach via domain and the backend functions ie I can do a password reset but I cannot logon, well I can logon but it says success and then I get this:

I have tried to make edits to site_config.json for domains but that has not helped

I hope you can help me in improving the documentation of what is a critical mass issue.

Anyone whom is using ERPNext should have clear and concise step by step documentation to move the system if they need to its often easy to install but what if you need to recover?

Backing up and restore is quite easy too.

For taking backup you need to run bench --site backup, that will create a zip file under frappe-bench/sites/ with this file you can restore your database in any other instance.

for Restoring: unzip your file in any desired location in this example will be home/frappe/ . and run the fallowing command in frappe-bench directory

bench --site --force restore /home/frappe/exampledatabasefile.sql

it will promt to enter mysql root credential (those are asked when installing erpnext) and you should be ready to go.

This was not our experience we tried this several times with several recommendations from the forum and are still left with the ability to logon and yet not have access to the site.

Which is the point of the post if it was easy we would have not needed to post