Negative Sign Symbol

In Query Report, for negative value, negative sign coming after number, that is 4500 -, instead of -4500.
Could you tell me where settings has to be done to show -4500


i think you got wrong codes in your query reports…

Column A - Column B , value i have displayed in Column C.
If A>B then it is coming positive value, if AB that time also it should give wrong values…

Hi, anyone help please… thanks

@pajahir why dont you shere your query here… i might take a look… or you can hire a freelancer like me to do the job…


Hi thanks. Please find the query.

select “Out Standing”, (( select sum(tabSales Invoice Item.amount)
tabSales Invoice, tabSales Invoice Item
tabSales Invoice Item.parent = tabSales and tabSales Invoice.docstatus= “1”
and posting_date >= %(from_date)s and posting_date <= %(to_date)s ) - ( select sum(tabJournal Voucher Detail.debit) from tabJournal Voucher<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/0/002ebe1ea3ff5077d8dc3eecf19f0b3cffb22a81.JPG" width="513" height="225"> , tabJournal Voucher Detail where tabJournal Voucher Detail.parent = tabJournal and tabJournal Voucher.docstatus = “1” and tabJournal Voucher.voucher_type = “Cash Voucher” and tabJournal Voucher Detail.account = “Cash - XYZ” and posting_date >= %(from_date)s and posting_date <= %(to_date)s)
) as “Amount:Currency:100”

I have attached screen shot of output also


i think your query is messy…i cant understand it… but i think to show outstanding ammount of an invoice we dont need to do query like that… you even use inner select it will be bad for the perfomance…


To get outstanding amount from sales invoice, why not just use the outstanding amount field?

Thanks. it worked fine.