Negative Stock settings should not allow Delivery Note

I have configured the system to work for the negative stock so that I can enable the POS machine to punch in Invoices for those items which are not in stock. But when I have a negative stock, the system should not allow the Delivery Note to be submitted, whereas in my system the DN is getting generated. Is this an error with my system or I am missing upon something or the check does not exist at all?

Hi @suryanamha,

It is not possible to disable the functionality for delivery note and keeps enable for POS. Allowing negative stock enables user to make any transactions related to inventory like delivery note, stock entry without stock.

Thanks, Rohit

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Thank you Rohit for your support. I think the DN for a item that is negative in stock makes the system to loose control over the Inventory and may lead to unsatisfied customers. Hope you understand my point.
Rohit Sharma