Nepal Compliance : Looking for paid help

We have been using ERPNext for sometime now and there are so many things we like about this. However, there are so many other things that don’t work the way we want. So, we are looking for paid help from the best in this community. Please show your interest.

Currently, we are looking for Nepal Compliance. For starting this discussion, let me summarize what we need:

  1. All customization as required by the IRD, Nepal for E-invoicing.
  2. These customization must apply by default when we select region Nepal during installation.

There are many changes that would be necessary. You can refer this thread for getting idea on what you might need to do.
Another important thing required is, there should be provision of Nepali date (in Bikram Sambat) along side the date in AD in tax invoices.

Others: Reports as per IRD:
Sales Book
Purchase Book
Debit and Credit Note
Report to show Customer/ Suppliers with transaction above 1 Lakh and print out confirmation letters for each
VAT Returned ( Maskebari Reports)
VAT Confirmation Letter/ Balance Confirmation Letter
Annex- 13
Item Wise Sales and Purchase book for IRD upload

We are looking to develop this system and get approval from IRD.

We are also open to welcome anyone who wants to contribute in this development.

Hi @anupd,

I’d recommend visiting this site for finding/posting about paid work:

Hi Anup,

I’ve helped several organizations in our network get ERPNext up and running with IRD. It’s all pretty straightforward, with two exceptions:

  • Drafts are given serial numbers, which can lead to sequencing gap if the draft is deleted after other invoices are created. For now, we’ve just prohibited the deletion of drafts, but it looks like a more robust system is possibly coming in v15: feat: Final doc name after submission by fproldan · Pull Request #16144 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
  • Income tax calculation in the HRMS module struggles with the mid-month fiscal year start-date. We’ve implemented our own income tax calculation algorithms, but they’re very specific to our use case and not really fit for general consumption.

For date conversions, we’ve just added one of the many Bikram Samvat libraries out there to our jinja environment using the jinja_env hook.

Happy to talk more if I can be helpful.

@anupd for your kind information we already implemented ERPNext in Nepal more than 20 business houses with IRD Approval. For more details Contact us 977-9857057132 or 9802657132 or 9857057186 or