Nepali Date ( Nepali calender)

In Nepal, we have own calendar called Nepali Date. Is there any solution to integrate nepali calendar into erpnxt? I can provide all the calendar details .

From my perspective that will require many changes in the whole frappe framework.

Do you have a Nepali calender in Windows? Just out of curiosity?

For your kind information, Odoo, SAP, Oracle had implemented Nepali Calendar alredy in their system. Why not in Erpnxt?

Many People are looking solution for it.

Can We add following JS on each forms


Or any other solution possible?

No major changes to the framework should be necessary, and at first glance at least I see no reason why it couldn’t be done entirely via some custom JavaScript in an app. Since the relationship between the two calendars is entirely predictable, there’s no need to store any additional data. It would just be a matter of customizing the behavior of the field in the user interface.

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Dear Peterg

Can you please help me to set this up with an example?

Or where do I exactly need to change


Hi @alokkanodia,

You’ll need to hire a developer to set this up for you. It’s not available in the current code.

Finally i able to intgrate nepali calendar in Erpnxt susscesfully…


Can you please suggest how ?

@dipakthapa Could you share the code?
I want to intgrate Hijri Calender also


How did you do it ? Could you share plz ?