Nested work orders from nested BOMs

Hi Guys, one doubt here:

Is it possible to, having a multi level BOM, create all the work orders from the top level BOM?

I mean, I have a box, filled with a lot of bottles. Each bottle has a solution (or lots of them), and the box is the final product. Each solution is a nested BOM.

– bottle 1
– bottle 2
----- solution 1
----- solution 2
----- solution 3

I want to create a work order to produce a Box. When I create this, is it possible to create all the nested work orders?

Yes you can manage the nested bom in ERP. First of all define all the boms for bottle and then create a bom for box, in box raw material select the nested bom.

The nested BOM’s work, but I have not yet managed to get nested work orders (yet)