New account not appear in Salary Component

Hi experts…
I added new account under (Liabilities> Duties and Taxes ) named salary tax but this account not appear in Salary Component to be set as default account.
1- account chart

2- Salary Component

Just Check whether "Have you given Account Type as “Tax”?

Yes… Shraddha I gave Account Type

still not work … please help

If you have multiple companies created in your ERPNext account, please verify if you have created an Account under Chart of Accounts of required company only, and not into other companies CoA.

Hi umair
I have just one company and I tried to add other accounts under tax but it dose not appear too.

Please share screenshot of an Account. It’s Root Type should be one of Liability and Expense. And it should be a child account. If these conditions are met, an account will be searchable and selectable in the Salary Component.




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Issue replicating in my test account (baba) as well. @KanchanChauhan can you please check into it?

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This has been fixed but I guess not in hotfix.
@dufani1 If you pull the latest version you should be able to select the Account which have root type Expense or Liability.

My version 7.2.23 the latest one. Do you mean the next version update will fix this issue?

Yes, it is in the develop branch. And it will be merged with version 8 release (approx 7th March).


Just tested on v7.2.23, it worked fine. Just like you I created a new Account under Liability and I was able to select it in Salary Component Account, Below are the screenshots.

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@KanchanChauhan The account type should not be Bank.It should be Tax.Use Tax and see whether it will work.In the same vein in the salary processing ,selecting payment account is only possible for Bank and Cash account type.This ought not to be so.Sometime salary is processed to be paid later.Let make it possible that liability account can be selected.


Tested with Account Type as Tax, still worked for me.

The other issue should be solved by our new Accrual Payroll System. Will write something up for that soon.

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The only way it worked for me with version 7.2.27, was when I entered manually the complete account head for the Liability account related to the accrued tax deduction for the salary component. The “pop down” or active search will NOT show Liability accounts, only Expense accounts. So, when I directly pasted the entire string for the name of the account, with no extra spaces leading or at the end, it accepted it.

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