New App: Assignment Assistant (Smarterp)

Hey folks,

I have recently developed a new custom app that integrates with ERPNext. The app is called smarterp and can be viewed at GitHub - canlann/smarterp: ERPNext App: Improvements for with data analysis and machine learning. . So far the app includes an issue assignment assistant for the support module of ERPNext.

I have also further plans with respect to implementing a load balancing for todo assignment, analytical dashboards and other machine learning related, interesting things (e.g. finding similar documents of certain doctypes by their properties…).

Feel free to have a look at the repository, download the app if you wish and since this hasn’t been thourougly tested yet contact me for opinions or if you need help etc. Also I am happy to find contributers.

Here’s a screenshot of whats in there currently:



Do you know this feature? It also supports Round Robin and Load Balancing assignments.

Thanks, yes I know this feature. This is though, let’s say static. I was trying to do something that is more fluid and assigns issues based on knowledge about previous assignments.