New App Development Issue

While making and Meeting Module, folder structure is not creating that is Doctype folder under Meeting,???
we have followed your video in youtube.

that folder will be created automatically when you create doctype from developer > DocType

No, its not creating automatically.

did u set developer mode?

Yes Developer mode is on. i have followed video as on youtube. Frappe Tutorial.

most likely ‘Custom?’ is checked, make sure its unchecked like:

in main Doctype that is Meeting ??

yes in Module field select which app, in your case select Meeting, once you save it will create that doctype inside Meeting app.

ok i will try …

while creating new doctype dont select Custom option for Doctype folder with doctype.js & file

ok thank you so much.
Problem has been resolved. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: