New app going weird?

Hi there,
I kinda have a weird issue, with a new app.
So, if anyone is kind to give an advice will be much appreciated.
I have created a new app, and since the app was not showing in the desk, I’ve created indide the app’s config folder, a .py file, for that app for some testing docs (5 doctypes), like follow:

So, General Info and Settings are the ones I created, but why is SETUP showing with all testing doctypes showing? That is my question and how can I fix that. I do not need that.
If I delete the .py file created under app’s config file, then everything from there is not showing anymore (like General Info, Setting and Setup).

Any idea on that, pls?

Thank you all

Hi there,
I just found what I was doing wrong.
As I said, am just at the begining and trying to learn everythig.
So I got to fix that from the DocType > ViewSetting > Show in Module Section: select Other and you’ll figure it out further what need to do :slight_smile:
Thank you