New App in ERPNEXT-V5

Hi everyone,
I had made my own app in ERPNEXT-V5 and some DOCTYPE under myApp(module). All the DOCTYPES showing properly in web site but when i checked in Apps folder. I didn’t found my all the DOCTYPES folder as well as .PY and other files. Is there some think change in V5 or i am missing something…Because with same step everything is fine in V4…!

Table structure is also made…Bot not DOCTYPES folder and related file…Any one have idea please help about it


If you checked checkbox Custom then DocType folder and files will not create.
Remove Custom checkbox if you need to write server side code.



Oo Thank you so much @Bhagyashree_Aher…I got it.
And one more think i want to know…What ever app i am developing inside a site(ERPNEXT) that app i can install in another site or not because all design code i thing written inside frappe… So for that again i need to create pages(DOCTYPE) and paste the code(PY,JSO,JS) or just installation is enough…!
You got what i want to ask…@Bhagyashree_Aher ?

Just installation of your app in another site is enough

Ok Thanks @Bhagyashree_Aher