New app problems


i confused… i created a new app… changes config/ but in setup show/hide modules … my module wont show …

here my

from __future__ import unicode_literals
from frappe import _

def get_data():
        return {"Accounting Addons": {"color": "blue", "icon": "icon-book", "type": "module", "label": _("Accounting") }}

my doesnt seem to be compiled tough…

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here gsi_accounting_addons/accounting_addons at master · bobzz-zone/gsi_accounting_addons · GitHub

ah - finally

could be a casing issue your module name is “Accounting Addons”

But thats not what you see in

Is your asset depreciation any good? Is it different from what @mehta_akshay made?

so to fix the problems what should do to fix that ?

its different ,my asset depreciation is just made to fit my needs , everyone can take it if its fit…
anyway i dont know the asset depreciation form metha_akshay , can you give me the link?

@bobzz_zone, did you fix the problem now?
Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

@liulixia1990 due to my client didnt continue that module then i havent do anything … but if you want to hire me i can finish that… :slight_smile:

@bobzz_zone, Actually once I had the same issue with you.
When I created new module, it didn’t display in the desktop.
Now I use bench migrate, it works well.:slight_smile: