New App will not show in Sidebar

Hello Community,

I am trying to get an entry for my custom app into the sidebar. I’ve tried reinstalling it and modifying the config/ and config/, but without success. The app is properly installed on the site, and the module appears with a DocType linked to it. I am currently using Frappe version v15.16.1. Is there something I might be missing? (i backed down to the default example exclude errors in programming)

Sidebar :thinking:

are you talking about the workspace?

Kind of. I know how To create a Workspace but i need it to be Public Like the HR- App for example.

like this

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More Like, when i install my costum App i would Like To have an Icon, the name of the App and some coresponding doctypes as a dropdown automaticly in the Public Side bar. Like it normaly had worked. I may doing a mistake in explananing my Case or in programming. Thanks a lot for your effort.

Thank you for your help; you were right!