New apps creation into multiple location

Hi Expert.
I am new in Frappe development. I want to create new apps into multiple location.
How can I do this? Need additional config?

Best Regards


Welcome to the forum. It’s great to hear that you will be making an app.

You should start with writing in brief about your requirements and sharing it with the community. The keyword “multiple locations” is a bit vague. A para or two about what you are trying to do will be helpful.


@anand it’s really regards to me for your quick response.
Anyway I find out that solution :smile:

One more question:
I want to extend functionalities of erpnext modules (as like addons or plugins). for example buying module. what will be the best procedures in terms of developer’s view?
**I want to stay completely untouched any line of erpnext’s source codes.

Thanks Again.

Read this: